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Unleash A New Way Of Riding With The All-New Swagtron T580

Unleash A New Way Of Riding With The All-New Swagtron T580

It’s time to feel the power of going electric with the stylish yet amazing Swagtron T580. This addition to the range of Swagtron’s hoverboard is slightly what people were looking for. Well, it is not wrong saying that with Swagtron T580, people can power up the twisting carving fun of riding.

To be precise, the popularity of hoverboard is increasing gradually. In fact, it is also seen a lot of hoverboard catches fire, faces a battery short circuit and more. But with Swagtron, you will never get the chance to experience any such sort!

With the changing techniques and technology, now people can get to ride the safest and most feature-rich models in comfort and style. And with Swagtron, you need not see anything as Swagtron has made a name in the hoverboard industry with the outstanding models of hoverboard that can definitely win the hearts of every rider!

We can say that Swagtron hoverboards are among the best hoverboards available till now and with its legacy and addition of T580, all riders have now a most suitable model that will definitely make the experience wow.

However, if you’ve been waiting to buy a hoverboard but confused about which one to go for, Swagtron T580 is probably a model you should give a try! Here’s all you want to know about T580.

Features That Will Make You Go Woo!

The Swagtron T580 has all the features that you might be looking in any hoverboard. In a nutshell, we can say that it is time to push the limits of swag as Swagtron T580 has all the things that you’re searching for. Here’s a list of amazing features that makes T580 not only the best but stand out from other hoverboards available.

Let’s begin!

1. Powerful Performance

With a powerful dual 150W motor, Swagtron T580 allows you to enjoy and explore a powerful, yet a smooth ride. It might astonish you a bit but with riding T580, you can easily climb an incline up to 30 degrees. Isn’t that interesting?

In fact, it has 6.5” hard rubber tires with aluminum rims that offer increased stability and sufficient amount of traction to maintain the balance.

2. Inbuilt Bluetooth & Mobile App Connectivity

Who doesn’t love music while riding? We all do, isn’t it? So have to ever imagined, how amazing it would be if you’re riding your hoverboard and can even listen to your favorite playlist! So for all the music lovers who love listening to music while traveling, Swagtron T580 is all set for you.

The T580 is fitted with Bluetooth speakers that let you listen to your playlist from your mobile phone while riding it. Well, it is an app-enabled hoverboard, which simply means you can use the mobile app to control various features of the board such as switching between modes, checking the battery life, shuffling the songs, planning your routes, varying the speed and more!

3. UL2272 Certification

What is the most important thing when riding any self-balancing vehicle? Of course, it’s safety. Swagtron gives high priority to safety, and that is why the T580 comes with a wide range of safety features that includes UL2272 Certification.

The UL certification is considered to be the most important feature to look for before buying any self-balancing vehicle because it is another term of safety. It is basically, an incombustible outer casing works in protecting the device. Their patented Sentry Shield Technology has passed strict electrical and safety test to ensure rider’s peace in mind.

4. All-Riders Riding Companion

Yes, the Swagtron T580 is light in weight and easily portable for the riders. In fact, the T580 is highly durable and sturdy that can very easily carry weight ranging from 44 to 220 pounds. This simply means that taking from kids, teens to adults; all can enjoy riding the all-new Swagtron T580.

Hence, no matter who steps on T580, it can easily weigh up to 99 kg, so without getting worried, with Swagtron T580, you can easily enjoy your commute!

5. Triple Mode Riding

No matter if you’re buying T580 for kids, teens or adults, you can easily have hands on it. Why? Well, riding the Swagtron T580 is easy for even the kids. They can easily become pro riders in a short span of time.

The only thing you need is to step on it and keep your Swagtron on the riding mode that is suitable for your age and learning skills. For the inexperienced or beginners, riders can select the learning mode while the ones who are interested in practicing their skills can go with the standard mode!

And the riders who are expert at riding any hoverboard, the special advanced mode is best suitable that can easily be accessed via mobile app as well.

In a nutshell, if you’re feeling to gift a hoverboard to your dear ones or buying it one for you, Swagtron T580 is probably one of the best choices.

The Final Verdict!

It’s time to step on the all-new Swagtron T580, turn on the Bluetooth and bring soundtrack on your next ride. This portable and lightweight device is available at Rs. 29,990, which is the best suitable for riders of all ages and also for those people who wants to experience varying expertise and skills.

Because the T580 is easy to ride, handle and comes with various safety features that make sure you have a smooth, secure, controlled and more of a safer ride than ever before!

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