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5 Significant Factors To Consider When Buying An E-Bike For You

5 Significant Factors To Consider When Buying An E-Bike For You

These days, where electric motorcycles are struggling for support, on the other hand, electric bicycles are gaining massive popularity of being an economical, practical and stylish riding companion anyone can afford.

Riding e-bikes have been increased a lot. In fact, road e-bikes and hybrid bikes are convenient and green transportation, which is not only light in weight but stylish enough to show your swag around.

Well, it’s time when you can finally break free from dealing with those annoying road jams and unwanted traffic routes. Not only e-bikes but there are foldable e-bikes available that make your commuting even easier. Why?

When traveling on public transportation, you can easily carry your riding companion with you. All you need is to fold your e-bike and take with you. Once you complete traveling, unfold it and ride the way you want. The foldable e-bikes fit in small confined spaces such as apartments, offices and train carriages.

So, now you can see why e-bikes are considered as an excellent alternative to small cars, which you need while buying groceries or roaming around! But before moving ahead, there are certain things that are important to consider.

An in-depth guide of things to consider while buying an e-bike will show you the exact path to start from. It will help you know where you should get started in your search for the best e-bike that meets your needs. As there are various features, performance, offers, style and other important aspects to consider before buying one!

So before running for purchasing the best suitable e-bike, take a look at some of the important factors mentioned below.

1. Quality-Check

One of the most important things that people look for when it comes to buying an e-bike is the quality. The quality of the e-bike is essential, especially if you’re planning to use it as one of your routine riding vehicles.

When it comes to quality, there are many parts that require an assured quality check like the battery, the chassis and the motor. With Swagtron, you would be able to set it up and select the e-bike according to your personal preference. Because Swagtron offers an array of stylish yet efficient e-bikes starting from EB-5 to EB-8, which is all you’ve been looking for.

2. Budget (Price)

Actual price depends upon the e-bike you’re purchasing. If you’re thinking to purchase a low priced e-bike but has minimal features, well, it might not be a good decision. On the other hand, purchasing a good quality e-bike with a bit of cost is quite affordable.

If you’re thinking to pick up an average e-bike, how long you’re going to be happy with it? So when buying an e-bike you not only have to consider the features but also the price factor. Here’s where Swagtron comes in the picture. Starting from Rs. 39,990 to Rs. 79,990, Swagtron has a range of e-bikes that is best suitable for your needs. And if you’re purchasing once in your life, why not spend a little more and get the best one for you!

3. Range

Up to what extent your e-bike can travel? Well, this is one of the important things to consider because the range of the e-bike will determine, whether it is worth buying it or not!

Well, if your commute involves hilly regions, without power it would turn up to be exhaustive. Basically, the range depends upon the capacity of the battery, the weight, the speed, the commuting route and more.

So, if you’re purchasing an e-bike only to travel around your home, it is convenient to purchase a low ranged e-bike. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to go for an e-bike with a higher range than you necessarily require because the range will drop and there are more chances for the battery to work in a good condition.

4. Maximum Speed

Understandably, we all look for the maximum speed when buying an e-bike. Yes, of course, we wish to ride with complete speed on, some people like to race around and more. Hence it is essential to have the knowledge of maximum speed your e-bike is going to offer.

Basically, any e-bike’s speed depends upon certain factors such as performance range and battery wattage. Therefore, before looking for the maximum speed, it is important to check for the battery supply and performance level. If both the battery wattage as well as the performance range is good, you’re definitely going to experience riding to a greater extent.

5. Weight

The weight of an e-bike plays a very important role in how an electric bike fit into your lifestyle or not. Yes, there are both heavier and lightweight bikes available. The heavier e-bikes are harder to lift and there are chances to hurt more if you fall or encounter any mishap. In fact, it is a major concern to look for because if you ever have to walk your electric bike home after running out of the battery or having a flat tire, it might turn into a difficult situation for you.

Hence, it is always recommended to purchase a lightweight e-bike that you can handle easily. In fact, buying a mid-frame design that has the perfect balance of battery and other parts in a sync works best for people who prefer riding an electric bike every day.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Everyone is different and has versatile perception as well. Now that you know why you should have one e-bike, it’s time to choose a right one for you. Yes, there is certainly a wide selection available in the electric bike, but Swagtron has offered all the features and uniqueness with the style that you’ll have been looking for. Go grab one today!

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