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How to Boost Your Fitness with an Ebike
“I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.” That was the sentiment we heard from Swagtron employee Nate, when on the topic of personal fitness and electric bikes. Anyone who tries to start an exercise program knows how difficult it is to stick with it for more than a couple weeks. “I had ju...
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Which Hoverboards Are UL Certified And How To Check It?
A hoverboard — sometimes called a self-balancing hoverboard, self-balancing scooter or smart balance board — is comprised of two motorized wheels, a deck for the rider to stand on, a battery, and an electric system that ties it all together. When hoverboards began flooding the US market in large ...
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Maintaining Optimal Performance: 4 Tips for Your Swagger 5 Elite
There’s no denying that electric scooters are big right now. And it’s no wonder! They’re great ways to get around and perfect for keeping you active. They can make your daily commutes faster and easier. And, more importantly, they’re fun. The Swagger 5 Elite is in a league of its own. It’s everyt...
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Is an Electric Scooter Good for Commuting?
You get off the train and walk down the bustling streets of the city, hoping you get to the bus stop in time for your transfer. When WHOOSH! A business woman zips past you on a stand-up electric scooter. There’s no way she’ll be late for her meeting. How cool is that? Not too long ago, e-scooters...
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Can Electric Bikes Go Uphill?
In simple terms, electric bikes are pedal bikes which are aided by an electric motor. They have several levels of pedal assist making cycling as easy as you want it. In 2010, China alone produced 27 million electric bikes. This points to the fact that e-bikes are now generally accepted all over t...
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