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A Beginner’s Guide Of Riding A Hoverboard Safely In Minutes

A Beginner’s Guide Of Riding A Hoverboard Safely In Minutes

Learning how to ride a hoverboard might be a challenging task for many people out there but to be honest; it is as easy as riding an e-bike or a car. A self-balancing vehicle is considered as a form of a personal transporter that is motorized by two wheels.

And as a newbie, when it comes to learning a hoverboard, it might sound like a tough task but frankly; it is easier than you think. Yes, you may be buying a hoverboard for your children or for yourself, but how long it takes for any person to learn to ride it?

Well, the length of the time majorly depends upon the confidence of the person. Some people have good confidence; hence they learn faster, while some people take some amount of time to learn it like a pro!

However, there’s nothing to fear – the majority of users have the basic mastered within 5 minutes no matter of any age! There’s definitely a learning curve with the hoverboard. Once you got it, you can really learn to ride it like a professional. The only requirement a person should consider while buying a hoverboard is the weight. Buying a hoverboard is not recommended for users weighing above 220 lbs as they may cause a slight bend in the chassis over-time!

Well, in general terms, it is being noticed that first time user’s bodyweight will slightly jerk towards forth and back, and it is believed that it’s due to the brain trying to counterbalance the hoverboard counterbalancing gyros, the less you think the easier it is.

Hence, before we begin with the learning phase, there are certain important points to be kept in mind to not fall in the first place. It is very natural that first time you might face certain problems with balancing and riding, but do not lose hope because it happens with everyone.

Unless you want to fall flat on your face and give your friends a good reason to laugh, take a glimpse at this quick beginner’s guide of riding a hoverboard that will help you cruise around safely.

Choose An Accurate Hoverboard For You

The first and the foremost thing that every person should consider while selecting a hoverboard is whether is correct for you or not! As it’s said, “You just need a right type of hoverboard to ride it properly”.

There are various brands of hoverboard available, but all we look for is a hoverboard that is not only stylish yet easy and efficient to step on. Well, this is where Swagtron’s range of hoverboard can be assured. Swagtron’s hoverboards are not only designed with style at the core but safety and efficiency are all that it is about!

Hence, all you need is to identify a hoverboard that is easy and perfect for you to operate. If you’re still confused for which one to go for, reading its user manual will help you get a better understanding.

What Is The Capacity?

Understanding the capacity of the hoverboard is essential because it will help you to ride it properly. Make sure you know the weight of the hoverboard you are selecting. A hoverboard that is easy to use, and capable to carry you effortlessly is the right one. Picking up a hoverboard with accurate capacity will help you ensure and enjoy a safe ride.

Reading The User Manual

Once you buy your ideal hoverboard, all you need to understand its user manual because understanding a user manual thoroughly will help you ride it like a professional. This will definitely help you increase your technical know-how. A user manual consists of all technical knowledge and details which in turn helps you to understand the product thoroughly.

Three Essential Parts Of Learning How To Ride A Hoverboard Safely

Part 1 – Setup & Gear

For the first-time riders, it is always mandatory to gear up some of the protective measures because it will protect them from the unwanted scratches and wounds.

Wear Shoes While Riding It

Of course, it might sound a bit silly if you are trying to ride the hoverboard bare feet. Why? Well, it is not going to be good when this thing will run over your feet when you step off it! Hence, it is always recommended to wear shoes while riding one.

Knee/Wrist Pads & Helmet

Protection is considered as the first step when you’re stepping on the hoverboard. And protection means wearing helmet and knee/wrist pads for utter safety. As you are a beginner, it is important to wear all the safety gears so that whenever you face a fall, you’re all set to face the consequences. And as a beginner, it is also considered as a good habit to wear them whenever you step on it!

Part 2 – Know The Basics

It’s Time To Step On It!

This is probably one of the scariest parts when starting the riding session. Well, the secret of riding a hoverboard in minutes is by taking the support at first instance. Take the support that you can hold onto while you can step on the hoverboard.

After getting both the feet on the hoverboard and gaining enough confidence to balance it, release the support and start balancing on your own. By supporting yourself on something, you can get a feel of balancing it without the fear of falling.

In a nutshell, here is the simple process of riding a hoverboard for the first time.

  • On the hoverboard.
  • Tilt the hoverboard and slant it a bit backward.
  • Now keep your feet gently on the left side of the board and find a suitable balancing spot.
  • Try to balance on the hoverboard.
  • Once you’re confident enough leave the support and stabilize the board on your own.

Wasn’t that simple enough? Yes, in the first 2-3 attempts you may take a bit of more time but eventually, you will learn to ride it.

What Should Be The Position Of The Feet?

Everyone has a different perception of keeping their foot accordingly. In fact, most of the user manual will recommend keeping your feet to extremes while riding the hoverboard. Well, this position is quite good because you can easily control the hoverboard hassle-free.

It is enough stable because the sensors are installed close to the sides, making it appropriate for the movements.

The center position is another way you can place your feet because it gives enough amount of freedom to use your knees and ankles to move in the front and back.


You can easily learn to take a turn by stepping forward with the right feet while keeping the left feet flat and vice versa.

Ankle Movements

Stepping forward with both the feet will help you move forwards and stepping backward with both the feet will move the hoverboard to the back.

Leaning A Hoverboard

If you lean towards the front, the hoverboard will move forward and if you lean towards the back, it will move backward.

Part 3 – Ride It Effectively

Once you are completely okay riding on a flat surface, it is time to experiment some tough terrains as well.

Uneven Or Rough Terrain

These days, people not only like to ride the hoverboard but also have interest in stunting around. This one can be tricky; hence, you would need to apply a force push to conquer uneven terrains.

Small Holes & Bumps

The terrain decides, whether riding a hoverboard will require more force or can be driven easily. Well, while riding on a bumpy region, it is essential how you maneuver your hoverboard as well balance it. To ride over a bump, you need to apply pressure on one side more than the other while going over the bump. However, if you do it correctly, you’re all set to ride your hoverboard on any surface you want!


Following these instructions will definitely help you learn to ride a hoverboard in 5 minutes and become an expert in the next half-hour. But for beginners, the key to learning a hoverboard is riding indoors and after learning it properly, try riding it outside the home premise. This is a safer and probably one of the correct ways to learn riding a hoverboard like an expert.

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