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Meet Innovation. The Future of Riding - The All-New Swagtron Eb7

Meet Innovation. The Future of Riding - The All-New Swagtron Eb7

Riding an e-bike or an electric bike for the very first time might feel like discovering a superpower, isn’t it? No matter, whether we are commuting to work or running errands more efficiently; tackling the stop-and-go traffic or hauling the kids, the e-bike is one of the most convenient transporters you can go for!

Yes, buying an e-bike can be overwhelming and intimidating. These days, having motors and batteries means e-bikes are almost more expensive and heavier than their components. But with all the flaws, e-bikes are considered to be one of the most demanding electric rideable.

Well, when it comes to selecting an e-bike for all-purposes, Swagtron EB7 is one of the perfect choices. This electric bike is specially designed for the long-distance travel, has expandable mileage and can be run at the top speed for miles. In short, we can say that the all-new Swagtron EB7 has all that you’ve been looking for in an e-bike such as a powerful motor, extended mileage, sleek looking design and more!

Swagtron is currently the world leader in hoverboards and other electric rideables. With the array of futuristic e-bikes, Swagtron is now up with an addition to the line EB7! With the last series of Swagtron’s e-bikes – We can confirm that the EB7 is fully fledged light electric rideable that you cannot afford to miss!

Yes, there is so much effort required to learn what components really matters; the battery type, the motor size, amp hours and more. Hence, here’s what you’re looking for. It’s time to know more about the stylish, elegant yet efficient EB7 from Swagtron!

Meet the amazing features of the Swagtron EB7!

1. Conquer The Distance

What is important for any rider? Of course, the speed and durable capacity of e-bike he or she is purchasing, isn’t it? Well, nothing to worry about as Swagtron EB7 is all set to woo you!

The all-new EB7 is powered by a highly efficient motor with a power or 350-watt. On throttle alone, riders can power through up to 15.5 miles that too on a single charge. And you know what the benefit of investing in EB7 is? Well, you can switch the speed modes at just a push of a button and reach the maximum throttle speed up to 18.6 mph.

And if you’re looking to stay active or planning to conserve on battery then pedaling can be a great option. All you need is to pedal like a traditional bicycle, then switch to pedal-assistance power to ride all-terrain and catch a quick breather.

2. Swappable Battery Option

We all wish for an e-bike that never gets out of battery, isn’t it? I know, you might be thinking that it isn’t possible, but with Swagtron EB7 – everything is possible. Well, we can say that now there is no need to wait for your bicycle to get charged again and again as you have a better alternative.

Never get caught out without power the elegantly looking Swagtron EB7. All you need to do is unlock the lithium-ion battery and swap it out with an alternative battery. You can easily buy an alternative battery from the market. The removable battery can be recharged while attached or detached from the frame. So, in just two to three hours, your EB7 would be back with all the power to ride on all-terrain.

3. Better Control & Stability

With the futuristic features, Swagtron EB7 is a power pack e-bike that has everything you name! The design of EB7 is made not only for high-performance but also for those who always seek an electric rideable that is enough stylish to ride around.

In fact, the air-filled tires on 16-inch wheels deliver better stability and traction. With the coil shock supported with adjustable preload and dual-disc brakes, combined offers the EB7 an incredibly smooth ride with great reliable stopping power! In fact, the special autoguard brake technology ensures that the motor stops when the brakes are engaged by the rider.

4. Experience Greater Comfort & Reliability Of Riding It!

It is always a great thing if we get the chance to make the optimum utilization of our e-bike. And with Swagtron EB7, the words like Comfortable. Reliable. High Durability. Is all that you’re going to get!

In fact, we can say that it comes with everything needed for any perfect ride such as ergonomic paddle-shaped grips for maximum comfort, adjustable seat, LED headlights for low-light situations, rear reflectors for a safer ride, electric horn and what not!

The hub of the motor in Swagtron EB7 is safer and protected from any situation such as overheating by an aluminum heat sink. This simply helps to regulate the temperature of the e-bike’s motor.

5. Explore The Gold-Standard Service

What is the most important thing we look for when buying an e-bike? Of course, the after service that we can avail! With the all-new Swagtron EB7, you can enjoy a one-year limited warranty.

In fact, Swagtron’s 100 percent U.S. based customer service team offers the best customer service in the industry. Hence, it can be said that with the Swagtron EB7 foldable long-range e-bike, you are going to turn way more heads towards you when you’re riding this hero!

The Final Verdict!

E-biking is proving very popular in today’s era. No matter it’s for a younger one or an adult, e-bike’s electric power boost makes cycling even more exciting and a better way to conquer long distances. In fact, by riding the all-new Swagtron EB7, you can reach your desired destination feeling even fresher. We can say that what began as a niche movement has now become trending for people. Hence, if you’re looking for an e-bike that is not only affordable but has all the futuristic features, Swagtron EB7 can be a great riding companion! Try riding it today!

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