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Is an Electric Scooter Good for Commuting?

Is an Electric Scooter Good for Commuting?

You get off the train and walk down the bustling streets of the city, hoping you get to the bus stop in time for your transfer. When WHOOSH! A business woman zips past you on a stand-up electric scooter. There’s no way she’ll be late for her meeting.

How cool is that?

Not too long ago, e-scooters had the reputation of being a kid’s toy. Now they can be seen all the time on daily commutes. And not just for speed demons and thrill seekers.

Trick scooters and electric motorcycles are fast and fun, but are they practical too? Adult scooters and similar devices are the hot new trend for getting around in the city. E-scooters, motorized skateboards, and e-bikes are a handy, cost-effective, and easy way to solve the “last mile” problem.

Living and working in a city is a blast! There’s always somewhere to go and something to do. But parking is expensive and hard to find, and train stations and bus depots are usually a mile or two apart. It’s not a big deal if you are a tourist on vacation, but it’s a hassle if you need to get to the office.

Taking a long walk while wearing a business suit in the summer heat isn’t fun. Even if you’re a Cross Fit athlete, your jog is still eating up hours of time each week.

Traveling this distance between the metro station and your home or office is often called the “Last Mile Problem.” Public transport will rarely take you exactly where want, and walking the rest of the way isn’t the quickest or the most convenient way to get around the city.

If only we had a device to ride from home to the station, take on the train or bus, and then ride to the office.

I’ve had my Swagger scooter for a month. Love it! Light, sexy, clean, sturdy. Fast! It’s an amazing buy and has made my last mile commute a joy, especially in the hot muggy summers of Washington DC. I really can’t imagine not having a scooter anymore!
– Segamil, Amazon Review

The Last-Mile Transit Solution

Bicycles are one option, but even foldable bikes are bulky and take up too much room. Many subway systems won’t let you take a full-size bike on the train. And what if you can’t find a bike rack when you get to your destination? Electric pedal assist bikes are fun rideable devices but they don’t sufficiently solve this transportation problem.

The cheapest, lightest solution is an adult urban kick scooter. They have larger wheels than children’s scooters and fold up for easy carrying. Scooters such as the Razor A5 are foot-powered kick scooters, but they will get you there much faster.
A low center of gravity adds stability, and handlebar steering makes scooters easier to ride than a skateboard or hover wheel.

The best of both worlds is the folding electric scooter. This personal mobility device is portable like a traditional scooter, and uses an electric motor to rocket you to your destination. The e-scooter is light, fast, and easy to ride: it suits last mile commutes perfectly.

In my opinion the Swagtron Swagger is probably the best portable electric scooter for adults available in this price range!
 Best Electric Rides review.

Is an E-scooter Good for City Commutes?

If you ride a bus or train, you need a folding electric scooter. The travel scooter is incredibly portable. Fold it up and carry it on the train, on the bus, or even an airplane. You’ll want to find a scooter rates well in portability, design, and performance — like the SWAGTRON Swagger 5. The lightweight aluminum frame weighs only 26 lbs and conveniently folds to a tiny 41.5 x 17 x 19 inch size, making it easy to store or carry.

The battery life will let you glide the last several miles from the metro station to your job. When you are at the office, plug your e-scooter into any wall outlet and charge in as little as 3.5 hours. Get around with ease. Dart to the grocery store or grab a quick lunch at the sandwich shop, and be back in no time.


An e-scooter is an innovative new way to get around the city. It enhances public transit by getting you from the rail station or bus depot to your final destination. Cities are creating more efficient transportation that reduce our reliance on automobiles, so this rideable device is a valuable tool.

A scooter is a great solution when you’re looking to get somewhere without walking long distances or having to deal with the hassle of parking a car. And today’s scooters don’t compromise on speed.

Use your e-scooter in conjunction with other forms of transportation for that last-mile solution from the bus stop or train station: you’ll be glad you did!

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