• SwagBoard NG-1 NextGen Electric Skateboard

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    • 24V LITHIUM ION BATTERY– with a max speed of 11MPH, range of up to 10 miles, and supports up to 187 lbs.
    • WIRELESS REMOTE – controls acceleration, stopping, cruise control and displays battery status.
    • DURABLE POLYURETHANE WHEELS – designed to absorb shock and provide a smooth ride.
    • MAPLE WOOD DECK & PREMIUM GRIP TAPE – the 7-ply maple wood deck is the ideal balance of sturdy yet flexible and outfitted with grip tape to keep your feet firmly in place.
    • UL CERTIFIED BATTERY – and is equipped with the latest SentryShield battery technology.

    SwagBoard NG-1 NextGen Electric Skateboard

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • SwagCycle EB-5 Lightweight, Aluminium Folding E-Bike

    ● Pre-assembled: the electric bike already comes pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste time or money on complicated assembly
    ● Height Adjustable for Adults and Teens: easily adjust the bicycle seat and handlebar height to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride
    ● 14-inch wheels: air-filled rubber tires with quick-disconnect brake cables ensure a smooth ride and easy tire maintenance
    ● 25 km range: ride your folding bike on full throttle to cruise up to 25 km on a single charge or farther based on transitions between power assist and pedaling
    ● Fast Folding Design: the EB-5’s foldable bike frame can accommodate riders up to 264 pounds and folds three times so it fits inside compact vehicles, under desks, on subways and in other small spaces

  • SwagCycle Envy E Bike – Folding Electric Bicycle

    Rated 4.83 out of 5

    Get your Swag on with the SwagCycle Envy Electric Bicycle!

    Whether you’re racing down the park, riding with the Envy stowed under your seat on the metro, or just rolling down the sidewalk, there is no space or distance this folding bike is limited to.


    • FOLDING BIKE FRAME – A foldable aerospace grade aluminum frame allows this bicycle to collapse down for easier storage and transportation
    • HIGH CAPACITY 36V LITHIUM ION BATTERY – allows the motorized bicycle to go max speed of 16 KMPH for a range up t0 15 kilometers on a single charge, with a recharge time of 2.5-4 hours depending on use.
    • HANDLEBAR FEATURE CONTROLS and THROTTLE – from the handlebars you can check battery life, turn on the headlight, honk the horn, accelerate, and brake
    • IP54 WATER RESISTANT – The Swagcycle is IP54 water resistant and capable of withstanding tough outdoor conditions such as ingress from splashing rain and blowing dust.
    • USB CHARGING PORT – a micro USB charging port is built directly into the battery, enabling you to charge your phone or other devices while you ride.
  • Swagger – Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Swagger – World’s Lightest Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter!

    • 150 WATT MOTOR – With the maximum speed of 15MPH, a range of 4-15 Miles, and supports 250 lbs.
    • CARBON FIBER FOLDING FRAME – Weighing in at ~17 lbs. the Swagger folds with one-touch for easy transportation and storage.
    • BACKLIT LED DISPLAY – allows you to view your speed, cycle through gears, set cruise control, and displays battery life.
    • LED HEADLIGHT – the adventure doesn’t have to end at sunset, the extremely bright led headlight illuminates your path after dark.

    Swagger – Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • SWAGGER 5 – Folding Electric Scooter

    Cruise the last mile in style – Commuter starter with the Swagger 5.

    Quality Materials – The Swagger 5 is designed with inflatable 8.5” rubber tires to and a lightweight aluminum frame that can smooth out uneven roads and support riders up to 145 kg.

    Easy to Transport – The Swagger 5 can be folded and locked into a compact position for easy transportation and storage.

    Handlebar Controls – Utilize your handbrake to come to an effective stop, push the thumb throttle to accelerate, or sound the bell to alert pedestrians.

    3 Speed Modes – Select from tthree-speedmodes to find your comfortable speed or challenge your riding skills.

    Maximum Speed – Cut down your commute time with speeds up to 18 mph/29km/h thanks to a 250W motor.

    Kms per Charge – Get there and back with up to 11 mi/17.7 km on a single charge.

    iOS/Android App Compatibility – Pair your iOS or Android device with the Swagger app via Bluetooth® to lock down your scooter, switch riding modes, plan your route with GPS and more.


    Ride beyond the pavement and explore the great outdoors with the Swagtron EB-8 folding fat-tire off-road electric bike

    • PREMIUM-QUALITY BUILD: Built to last, the EB-8 is engineered with a reinforced aluminum frame and full suspension system, capable of supporting riders up to 120 kg.
    • 3 RIDING MODES: Ride the way you want to ride. Choose between throttle-only, pedal-to-go, and pedal only modes.
    • FAT TIRES: Durable 4-inch rubber fat tires mounted on 20-inch wheels supply greater traction over rough, loose and uneven terrain.
    • HIGH-TORQUE MOTOR: A powerful 350W motor packs solid throttle power with enough torque to conquer steep slopes.
    • SHIMANO SIS 7-SPEED SYSTEM: Precise gear shifting at the push of a button. The EB-8 features seven gears for conquering hilly terrain.
    • FREEHUB: The EB-8 features a Shimano MF-TZ21 freehub so riders can coast smoothly even when not pedaling.
    • SUPERIOR BRAKING POWER: Advanced “Autoguard” braking technology fully disengages the motor when you use the brakes. Coupled with dual disc brakes, the EB-8 gives riders more reliable stopping power.
  • SWAGTRON K1 Kick Scooter for Kids and Teenagers for all Heights, 100kg Weight Limit, Lightweight 2.9kg, Next Gen Fold-n-Lock System + Kickstand

    Rated 4.83 out of 5
    • FOR KIDS & TEENS – This boy or girl scooter handles up to 220 lbs & accommodates kids of all ages with its study 4”x20” deck
    • PRECISION RIDING – Enjoy smooth rides with the scooter’s 120mm front & 100mm rear wheels & ABEC-9 chrome steel bearings
    • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE STEM – With the kick scooter’s height range of 40” to 72”, kids ages 7 to 15 can learn & grow as riders
    • FOLDS & LOCKS – The durable aluminum alloy frame folds in seconds and features two levers that lock it in place for transport
    • EASY TO CARRY – At only 6.42 lbs, you can carry & store the unbelievably lightweight folding scooter without breaking a sweat
  • Swagtron K2 Toddler 2-in-1 Adjustable 3 Wheel Scooter & Ride-on Balance Child Trike, 2-5 Year

    Rated 4.80 out of 5
    • Transforms easily – the kids 2 in 1 balance tricycle transforms with a simple twist and click from a scooter to a tricycle
    • More stability – the 3 wheel bicycle features a unique 3 wheel design to prevent tipping over and for more stability
    • For all heights – whether you have a tiny tot or a growing child, the scooter bike features an adjustable stem to fit all heights
    • Astm F963 safe – the kids scooter meets toy safety and construction standards, so you can relax and watch your kids have fun
    • For kids 2 – 5 – the K2 is designed for kids 2 to 5 years old, giving them a safe and fun way to get around the neighborhood
  • Swagtron T1 Hoverboard , 6.5′ Wheels, For Adults and Teenagers with LED Lights and UL 2272 Certification

    Rated 4.83 out of 5
    • Cruise with swag on your Hoverboard boasting an 8 mph top speed and 11-mile range – weight up to 220 lbs
    • UL 2272 certified – the SWAGTRON 2-wheel self-balancing scooter excelled in all electrical safety tests
    • This swag motorized scooter’s new features include: LED headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers, and two riding modes
    • Patented SWAGTRON SentryShield smart battery management system provides multi-layered hover skate-board protection
    • This balance scooter features an upgraded 250 Watt motor and gear stabilization for tighter control and downhill traction
    • Range: Up to 7 – 12 miles Charging Time: 1 Hour
  • SWAGTRON T3 Hoverboard Bluetooth with Android/iOS App Support, UL 2272 Certified

    Rated 4.88 out of 5
    • DUAL 300 WATT MOTORS – Max speed of 8MPH, range of 11 and supports to 220lbs.
    • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – Add music to your ride, easily sync your phone or music device to the speakers built directly into the hoverboard.
    • APP for ANDROID & IOS – View your route history, change riding mode or check your battery life with the Swagtron Bluetooth APP!
    • FULLY LOADED – The T3 features LED turn signals, 5 level battery indicators, 3 riding modes, rubber tires with aluminum wheels, non-slip foot pads, and a built in carrying strap.
    • UL 2272 CERTIFIED
  • SWAGTRON T380 Hoverboard – Bluetooth Speaker & Lights, Personalize Experience with Android/IOS App

    Rated 4.75 out of 5

    The SWAGTRON T380 is a self-balancing electric scooter that employs gyroscopic technology and serves as the next revolution in hoverboard travel.

    • 8 MILE TOP SPEED & 11 MILE RANGE – The T380 can reach speeds of up to 8 MPH and a range of 11 miles on a single charge
    • RIGOROUSLY TESTED – This 2-wheel self-balancing scooter has undergone and surpassed rigorous electrical safety tests
    • PLAY YOUR MUSIC ON THE GO – The T380 features Bluetooth speakers that allow you to play music while you ride
    • GO FASTER THAN EVER – The hover skate-board features an upgraded 250W motor and gear stabilization for tighter traction
    • UPGRADED SOFTWARE– The motorized scooter features upgraded software for smoother rides and more responsive controls
  • SWAGTRON T5 Hoverboard – Entry Level Self Balancing Scooter for Kids and Young Adults; Learning Mode with Patented Battery Protection

    Rated 4.91 out of 5

    Ready to roll for the first time? Get the T5 Swagtron, the best beginner hoverboard!

    • DUAL 200 WATT MOTORS – Max speed of 12 kilometers per hour with a range of 12 Kilometers.
    • GYROSCOPIC TECHNOLOGY – Using dynamic equilibrium the hoverboard is steered by using your body weight to move forward, backward and in reverse.
    • NEW FEATURES – The T5 has been updated to include; battery indicators and a learning mode for new riders.
    • FOR RIDERS OF EVERY LEVEL – Learning Mode restricts speed for safe practicing while Standard Mode lets you roll freely.
    • SAFE SPEED FOR YOUNG RIDERS – This 2-wheel self-balancing scooter has a maximum speed of about 12 km/h.
    • PERFECT FOR LITTLE HANDS AND FEET – The T5 motorized scooter handles riders up to 85 kilos & weighs just 8 kilograms.
    • UL 2272 CERTIFIED.