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Swagtron EB-7 Elite Plus Electric Bike with 7-Speed Gear Shift

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Take long way home with a premium 7-speed commuter eBike with a removable battery. Introducing EB-7 with 7-SPEED QUICK-SHIFT GEARS & REMOVABLE BATTERY.

An eye-catching design with the power to back it up and every essential detail considered. Smooth, comfortable — magical.

  • GEAR UP WITH 7-SPEED QUICK-SHIFT - You wanted it. We delivered. 7-speed gear shifting for the ride control every cyclist craves.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE, EXTENDED MILEAGE - Throttle-only range up to 20 miles* on a single charge with the cruise-capacity up to 18.6 mph.
  • QUICK FOLD & GO - Lightweight and foldable, the EB7 Plus is easy to store in a trunk or next to you at your desk.
  • 1 Year Exclusive Warranty

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