• Swagtron Stunt/Freestyle Scooter ST046

    • BUILT TOUGH – Practice your stunts with a durable steel & aluminum adult scooter frame that can support an impressive 118 kgs
    • PERFECT YOUR STUNTS – Ride smoothly on your BMX scooter using 100mm PU wheels, topnotch ABEC-9 bearings & a HIC system
    • DESIGNED TO PERFORM – Secure the custom scooter stem with the Cerberus triple clamp for unrivaled stability or easy transport
    • LIGHTWEIGHT – At 4 kgs, the ST046 pro scooter has no excess weight, so you can jump higher for every 360 and tailwhip!
    • BEGINNER TO ADVANCED – With a 22” stem and 19.7”x4” deck, trick scooter riders of all levels have room improve and have fun
  • Swagtron Stunt/Freestyle Scooter ST047

    • FULL METAL RIDE – 25.5” chrome steel stem, 20.5×4.3” aluminum deck & steel brakes provide lasting durability & quick stops
    • LIGHT AS AIR – The 8.6 lbs trick scooter supports riders up to 260 lbs & is easy to transport or stow away with its removable stem
    • ABRASIVE WHEELS– Tackle hard landings and high speeds with ABEC-9 bearings & 110mm polyurethane wheels with aluminum cores
    • DOUBLE THE CLAWS – Strong Dragon Claw clamp makes this kids scooter dialed & ready for intense stunts without headshake
    • BE IN CONTROL – Practice nollies and 360° spins with gusseted bars & an advanced HIC system for added control and stability
  • Swagtron Stunt/Freestyle Scooter St045 Kids

    • BUILT TO LAST–19.5×4” deck, 22” stem & brake are reinforced with aluminum & steel to handle intensive tricks & quick stops
    • TAKE FLIGHT–Lightweight for practicing midair stunts & durable to take a beating while supporting riders up to 100 kg
    • STICK ANY LANDING–Grapple onto TPE grip & brace for impact w/ heavy-duty 100mm polyurethane wheels & a polycarbonate core
    • TOP-NOTCH BEARINGS–ABEC-7 bearings & solid Naga clamp makes this custom scooter dialed & ready for stunts without head shake
    • BOOST YOUR SKILLS–The freestyle scooter is perfect for beginner and advanced riders. Learn hops, tail taps, tailwhips & more!

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