Braille Skateboarding Rides SWAGTRON Electric Skateboards


SWAGTRON joins the Braille Skateboarding Crew


Hold up.

…did this happen?

Are we dreaming? Is this real life?

Is…is that Aaron Kyro? On *our* board?

It is! It really is!

Italian spiderman shocked about electric skateboards

All right, let’s back up. If you aren’t familiar with the YouTube king of skateboarding, meet Aaron Kyro.

Aaron is a seasoned skating veteran with over 20 years on top of his board. He’s the founding member of Braille Skateboarding—a platform created to help other skaters get their videos published out into the world/internet with more fun and less hassle. Aaron’s goal was to help experienced skaters come together and have their skating content easily viewed.

From there, Aaron’s vision evolved over time to include so much more. Today, his mission is to make skateboarding a skill accessible to anyone seeking to learn.

Braille Uses SWAGTRON Electric Skateboards in a Game of Skate

We can dig it.

His website and steadily growing YouTube channel includes awesome comprehensive lessons to help anyone from beginning skaters to expert riders learn tricks and techniques. It’s pretty cool—and we are so complimented he rode our boards.

The vid opens on Aaron and Gabe tearing into two boxes for two very rad boards (not to toot out own horns): the Voyager longboard and the signature Swagboard.

The two skaters put both boards to the test, comparing and contrasting their steering, speed, and overall maneuverability. First, they give the Voyager longboard its time in the sun with a series of time trials through an obstacle course—then, about the halfway point of the vid at 9 minutes, they go head to head with both boards.

It seems like even though the Voyager is faster on paper (with an electric motor that can take you up to 15 miles per hour) that the smaller, savvy Swagboard had an easier time when put through its paces. The secret? The Swagboard is made of a pliable Maplewood, and while the Voyager is very responsive, the Swagboard is incredibly intuitive and responds rapidly to skaters.

After that, we get to watch them use both boards during a game of Skate—pinch us, we must be dreaming.

To help the members of our audience who aren’t in the know about Skate, it works exactly the same way as Horse. A skater will start the game out with a trick, and the next skater will have to match it—if he or she fails, they take an “S.” The game lasts until the word “SKATE” is spelled out in full.

While Aaron and Gabe played away on the Swagboard, meanwhile, we see the Voyager getting taken for a mini-cruise in the background.

In short, we’re low key freaking out and are so, so stoked that the crew over at Braille had a blast on our boards.

To help celebrate/show the world how happy we were with this, we are offering $20 off both electric skateboards seen in this video. Just head to our shop and enter the code “Braille20” to get your new electric skateboards at a discounted price. This helps bring the Swagboard down to around $280, and the Voyager down to $380. If you’re in the market for a new electric board, these price points won’t leave you without rent or food for the rest of the month…

If you haven’t watched the video in full, you definitely should check it out. It’s a great way to compare the boards side by side, especially if you are on the fence about which one fits your skating style best.

Thanks so much to the Braille Skating crew, we’re stoked to see what you guys skate next.

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