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Why Gifting Swagtron Hoverboard Is A Good Idea?

Why Gifting Swagtron Hoverboard Is A Good Idea?

The holiday season is right around the corner and what better gift than the oh-so-adventurous hoverboard! Generally when people hear the word “hoverboard", they tend to think of it as something fancy that only kids or celebrities ride and perform some impressive tricks.

These modern devices are often thought as something that can be used to establish a “cool image”. But there’s more to hoverboards than just using it to look cool. Especially, the swagtron hoverboard which comes with a wide range of features.

Let’s start off by understanding what a hoverboard is first.

What is a Hoverboard?

A hoverboard is a levitating platform, that resembles a skateboard without wheels. Hoverboard got its name from the movie Back to the Future II, where the main character Marty McFly travels into the future to discover that teenagers are riding on levitating boards without wheels. A hoverboard can be used for personal transportation.

How do Hoverboards work?

Hoverboards have a few basic components: a gyroscope to determine the pitch or balance of the machine, motors that keep the board balanced and move it forward, microprocessors to take charge of the power output to the motors, and large batteries to fuel the device.

Microprocessors in the vehicle help in monitoring the direction in which a rider is leaning. The gyroscope, also connected to the microprocessors, gather information about the tilt of the board.

Motors inside the board change power output to keep the rider balanced. Every self-balancing scooter is quite different, which means that each one employs a different battery, set of microprocessors, and motors.

The SWAGTRON hoverboard is one-of-its-kind with its LED lights and futuristic designs among the youngsters. Owing to its self-balancing technology, the hoverboard gives the rider an unusual weightless sensation.

In fact, the Swagtron hoverboards can reach up to speeds of 8 mph. This speed is ideal for the rider as its slow enough to be safe and at the same time due to its forward facing stance, and low to the ground design it feels much faster.

The SwagTron comes in variations such as The SwagTron T1, T3, T5 and T6. The models have high-quality state of the art functions which include speakers, rubber guards, aluminum carved wheels, new durable shell.

If the features weren’t enough, the SWAGTRON hoverboard also excels in the safety department. The product has a UL certification, which is an indication that it has been inspected and deemed “physically and environmentally safe.”

The Swagtron Hoverboard also goes through a number of quality tests such as the Overcharge Test, Short Circuit Test
, Over discharge Test ,Temperature Test (Determines the failure temperature of a product.), Imbalanced Charging Test, Vibration Test, Shock Test, Crash Test, Drop Test, Mold Stress Test, etc.

It’s important to note that the Swagtron Hoverboards aren’t just for fun and play. They can also be put to practical use and have some real-world applications. Here are some of their practical uses:

  • Skateboard-like transportation

Since hoverboards have decent speeds and a large battery capacity, they make for a great means of transportation within the city. One can use it for going to work, meeting friends or simply running errands around the town. Another added advantage with this is that you don’t have to waste your time looking for a parking spot or even spend money on fuel.

You are also helping the environment by not increasing your carbon footprint.

  • Accessorise Your Board

Though hoverboards are fantastic on their own, but they can also be paired with accessories that add to their efficiency and versatility. One such accessory is a hoverboard sitting attachment called the HoverSeat, a two-wheeled light aluminum frame that you can attach to your hoverboard through a specially adapted clamp.

  • Miscellaneous uses

You can also make your life interesting with hoverboards. Use it make mundane tasks such as mopping around the house, shovelling snow more fun and exciting. You can also take your newborn or pets out while you’re riding on the hoverboard. Overall it’s a great way to get your tasks done without tiring out your feet too much!

Swagtron Hoverboards aren’t just for leisure and fun only. With a few hacks and tweaks, they can offer useful applications in day-to-day life and make it all the way easier! With so many benefits, they surely make for an unforgettable and affordable gift.

Go surprise your loved ones with this amazing piece and watch them have the time of their lives!


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