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Hey riders, gliders, and thrill seekers! My name is Aaron Kronis, I’ve been skating my whole life, and I’m over here at SWAGTRON headquarters to answer any and all of YOUR questions about hoverboards, electronic skateboards, e-scooters or bikes…

I recently got a question from our buddy, George Mitchell, via email regarding hoverboard speed, so It hought we’d start off covering…

What is the MAX speed of a SWAGTRON hoverboard?

A lot of factors go into how many miles per hour a hoverboard can go – wheel size, how much power is in the electric motor, and the terrain you’re riding on…

I’ve spent A LOT of time cruising around on these boards, and I gotta say, we make some of the fastest hoverboards offered to date.

Our T1 goes between 2 – 8 miles per hour, while the speed of our T3 (with all of the lights and Bluetooth speakers) can reach up to 8 miles per hour.

The smaller T5 caps out at 7 mph, but it’s lighter and easier to carrying with you on the go.

Our brand new T6, which premiered on our website this week, can make it up to an insane 12 mph! Nice thing is that the speakers will sound an alert when the board registers you’re about to exceed its max speed.

All right, riders, that covers your questions this week for the fastest hoverboards.

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