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Swagger 5 – The Stylish, Portable & Foldable E-Scooter Designed For The Best

Swagger 5 – The Stylish, Portable & Foldable E-Scooter Designed For The Best

We’ll have come across the situation where we woke up in the morning, running late for work or college and observe jam-packed buses and trains. Isn’t that routine a tedious task for us?

Well, no matter, you’re a full-time working adult or a part-time student, the commute is considered to be an old dilemma we prefer to solve as soon as possible; especially when it comes to the urban areas where you can observe hell lot of traffic.

However, what can help you get through this situation? Well, getting smarter is considered to be the correct choice. And when it comes to being smarter, Swagtron can help you get through it!

No matter, whether it’s meeting friends for coffee, roaming by the beach or be it simply the last mile from the train to the college or office, Swagger 5 will help you get smarter for a smarter day!

Swagtron introduces the third electric kick scooter – The Swagger 5. Swagtron is ventured into the niche after delivering high-quality electric rideable for over a year, selling high-quality products with minimal complaints.

When it comes to the stylish, elegantly looking Swagger 5, it looks a more like the popular electric scooter that is designed keeping in mind an adult’s perception. In fact, this high-quality e-scooter has gained a lot more traction lately than any other electric scooter.

The amazing Swagger 5 is designed accompanying with outstanding features that make it the ultimate “last mile solution” for those looking for quick and easy transportation alternative.

If you’re also looking forward to purchasing one for you or your loved ones, it is definitely going to be the best gift. But before buying one, don’t you want to know the specifications and features that are available with the Swagger 5?

Here’s brief information that will help you understand how Swagger 5 works and what are the features and more.

1. 3 (Speed) Riding Modes

How does it feel when you come to know that the new Swagger 5 has various speed modes? Yes, it comprises 3 different speed modes that help any age rider adjust according to their riding skills.

All you need is to select from three speed modes to find out, which is the most comfortable speed or challenge your riding skills.

2. Great Quality

What is the most important thing that you look for when buying any product? Of course, the quality! It is one of the most essential factors that should never be missed. And when it comes to quality, Swagger 5 has all that you’re looking for.

Basically, the Swagger 5 is designed with inflatable 8.5” rubber tires to and a lightweight aluminum frame that works in smoothening out the ride on uneven roads and has the capacity of supporting riders weighing up to 145 kg/ 320 lbs.

3. Experience Cruise Control

Yes, we all might have heard that cruise control is available in high-tech cars, but what if you come to know that the Swagger 5 is offering with a similar feature? Well, for enjoying the cruise control, all you need is to maintain the speed say for, at least five seconds and the rest is what Swagger 5 is designed for.

It’s time to cruise the last mile in style with the elegantly looking Swagger 5 and experience the new way to ride around.

4. Handlebar Controls

Unlike any electric bike or scooter, the Swagger 5 is also available with great handlebar controls. While riding it, utilize your handbrake to come to an effective stop, push the thumb throttle to accelerate or to notify the pedestrians, sound the bell that is attached to the handlebar.

Hence, not like any ordinary scooter, with Swagger 5, there are a lot more things you can enjoy!

5. High-Tech Display

With Swagger 5’s amazing features and a lightweight design makes it look more elegant and trendy product, which is best suitable for the last mile solution. And when we say looks, it also includes its stylish display.

With LED display riding it can be more fun because now you can easily keep the track of the battery life, speed and the inbuilt Bluetooth status at a glance. The luminous LED display helps you to keep a track as well as enjoy the ride like never before.

6. Foldable & Easy To Transport

What type of e-scooter do you like? The ones which cannot be fold and needed to carry like it is or the ones which can be easily folded and fits anywhere? Of course, those type of electric scooter which can be easily folded!

The Swagger 5 is what you’re looking for! When your journey ends, all you need is to fold this lightweight aluminum framed scooter that makes it easy for you to carry and store anywhere you want. Well, its compact design is easy to handle and can be easily stored in the trunk of your car and almost any space you’re thinking, no matter in your home or office.

7. Android/iOS App Connectivity

Are you looking for an electric rideable with which you can connect your phone, listen to your favourite music? The Swagger 5 is an appropriate rideable for you. Now you can easily pair your Android or iOS device with the Swagger app via Bluetooth connectivity to lock down your e-scooter, play your music, plan your route with GPS, and change the riding modes and more.

In fact, you can also mount your smartphone with the included phone mount for a real-time heads-up display while riding your Swagger 5.

And It’s A Wrap!

It’s time to customize your ride with different riding modes with the evolution of smarter electric scooter. No matter, whether you’re riding home or commuting to the work, Swagger 5 is the perfect last mile solution that will help you cruise your ride in a completely different way!

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