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Buying A Hoverboard: Everything That You Need To Know

Buying A Hoverboard: Everything That You Need To Know

What is the most trending rideable that you want to ride this year? Let’s guess! Is it a car or a bike? Well, I guess it is something that people are fascinated about! Yes, the hoverboard.

If we take a look in the past, the hoverboard was first heard in the book named “Back to the Future”, where a board is used that looks like a skateboard. In the movie, the skateboard is used as a means of transportation in science fiction. So it was a brief description of how hoverboard emerged.

Although it started as fictional, nowadays hoverboards are available in different forms with various innovative features. Instead of a levitating device, the hoverboard is a Swagtron self-balancing vehicle that can be ridden everywhere.

Calling hoverboards as people-movers is correct because it is one of the most appropriate rideable when it comes to saving the non-renewable resources. It is electrically charged and no gas is needed to ride it. All you need to do is charge it for two to three hours and you’re all set to roll!

So are you ready to ride the Swagtron and experience the fun of riding beyond the expectation?

Here is the list of some important questions that can help you get all your answers while purchasing the hoverboard for you or your loved ones!

1. How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost?

Swagtron has a huge array of hoverboards including the ones that are suitable according to your budget. Taking from T1 to T6, Swagtron has something for you.

You must be aware of the fact that hoverboards can be of several types and depend upon the technology used to design them; the price range usually varies equally! And the most common price variation that you will come across while buying Swagtron hoverboard goes between Rs. 23,750 and Rs. 49,490.

There is a distinctive price variation because every hoverboard has different features, which may vary accordingly. In a nutshell, people now have good alternatives available with greater safety.

And if you think that the lower priced hoverboards are not safe to ride, you’re thinking wrong. Swagtron’s range of hoverboards is UL Certified that means no matter which hoverboard you go for, Swagtron assures good safety and utmost quality product.

2. How Do Hoverboards Work?

The Swagtron range of hoverboard works by the way of sensors. The sensors play the most essential role because they make the board move, turn, speed up and more. The sensors installed senses feet movement like if you bend towards the front, it will move ahead. If you bend towards the back it will stop or move backward.

With the help of the sensors, you can easily move forward, backward, turn right or left, catch up fast and slow.

In fact, the gyroscopic technology used in the hoverboard receives the rpms and tilt information from the sensor inside the wheels, and they return to the main logic board. Gyroscopic technology helps to balance the board in a good way. It indicates whether the hoverboard is perfectly balanced or not.

And when it comes to Swagtron’s hoverboards, all of them consist of gyroscopic technology, which makes Swagtron different from other brands.

3. What Are The Features Of Hoverboards?

Anyone who is planning to buy a hoverboard is surely going to enjoy riding it. But apart from enjoying the ride, there are many features that a person should consider before buying one. Or we can say before finding the best hoverboard. Here’s the list of seven things people should look for:

  • What is the wheel size?
  • Type of hoverboard
  • What maximum weight it can carry?
  • What is the quality of the hoverboard?
  • What is the maximum speed it can give?
  • What is the range of it?
  • Is it suitable for the kids to ride?

Before buying one for you or your kids, it is important to focus on these questions because it will ultimately help you to get the best one. If you’re looking for all futuristic features in one, Swagtron is the answer!

Swagtron has various hoverboards, designed with innovative design. Every hoverboard, taking from T1 to T6 has distinctive features. If we talk about Swagtron T6, you can experience a bunch of features like this hoverboard is suitable to for all riders, it is an off-road board, all-terrain ride, it has the range of 20 km, Bluetooth connectivity, LED lights, consist of 10”rugged tires, UL 2272 Certified, and more. Similarly, every Swagtron hoverboard has its unique feature and styling ingredient that makes people go woo!

4. How Difficult Is It To Ride A Hoverboard?

Riding a hoverboard is not that difficult but we can say it might be challenging in the initial stage. If you know how to control it with confidence, you’re all set to ride it!

For the instance, you can take the support around you and mount on it. Try to figure out how you can balance it. Once you figure that out, you can slowly try to move towards the front and back and this way you can gain the confidence of riding it like a pro!

Swagtron’s hoverboards are very easy and safe to ride. Yes, you can easily learn it because it is designed in such a way. Every part used in the hoverboard is of good quality, so there is nothing to worry about while riding it!

5. How Do I Select A Safe Hoverboard?

Well, the definition of a safe hoverboard is very simple, “Hoverboard that has UL Certification is the safest amongst all”. This is what Swagtron gives to their users.

The UL 2272 Certification means that you can ride with confidence, knowing that you as well as your electronic board is completely protected. Superior Sentry Shield lithium-ion battery is used in the hoverboards that not only charge it fast but also is safe.

The Final Verdict!

There are so many people interested in hoverboard today, but many are just confused about which one to go or which one is the best. Well, Swagtron gives you all the features, style and safety that you’ve been looking for!

Also, to know if Swagtron’s hoverboard is worth buying, try to make an assessment at times you use it. You will yourself come to know the experience of riding your swag while riding Swagtron.

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