Swagtron India

SWAGTRONTM is originally located in Los Angeles, California (USA). We are currently the World Leader in Self Balancing Scooter & UL Certified hoverboards.

SWAGTRON is the fastest growing name in hoverboards and electric rideables, having evolved one of the forefront brands in its category. In June of 2016, SWAGTRON was celebrated for being one of the first brands of electronic rideables on the scene to offer UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc) 2272 certified – a specific safety certification and consulting company that tests and guarantees electric product standards for consumers’ safe use. The certification is recognized in over 45 different countries. Every SWAGTRON e-product is tested and approved according to UL standards. SWAGTRON looks forward to bringing its consumers new rideable products this year, including the electric surfboard and brand new e-bike designs.

SWAGTRONTM distinguishes itself through Sturdiness & reliability, Futuristic Design, Patented Technology, Smart Hoverboards (Music Speakers & App Enabled – Available on Apple iTunes and Google Play) provided with the highest standards to customers and associates alike.

So whether zipping through the park, on your way to the mall, or thundering down a Boardwalk, travel at the speed of a SWAG with SWAGTRON – One step above the rest!

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